Our Story

WILD FABRIK is the brainchild of a dynamic trio of women and one man, who woke up from the corporate bubble and joined forces to shake up the norms and change the status quo in the fashion industry.

Our mission to leave the planet better than we found it keeps us accountable. Our vision of a greener world drives us and our ethical values dictate our methods.

To better understand why and how we inspire people to make conscious choices, we invite you to learn about our story…

Gergana, Co-founder & CEO

I have to admit that none of us engaged in sustainability seriously before taking a step back to re-evaluate what really matters.

Prompted by what we want for ourselves, our planet, and our future generations, we started adopting sustainable practices — from recycling containers to using biodegradable bags.

But when it came to shopping, we soon realized that eco-friendly lifestyle and clothing options in the UAE were either too expensive or, in parts, completely non-existent.

This sparked the idea — why not create a platform to connect international sustainable brands and small fair trade artisans with the GCC consumer? Even better, why not do our bit to support these brands creatively without charging sky-high fees, therefore making their products affordable for the everyday consumer?

We looked into all types of brands: women’s casual and formal clothes, activewear, menswear, hand-worked accessories and sustainably made kitchenware, bedding… everything that goes into an eco-friendly lifestyle.

We should all feel good about our choices, and what feels more rewarding than helping others and the planet we all share? Join our WILD mission to make the world a better place while you learn, laugh, and grow with us along the way!

Reine, Co-founder, Creative Director

It was after a glimpse of the environmental impacts of fast fashion that we felt the urge to take action. With our different but complementary characters as leverage, we embarked on a journey to do something that mattered. Something that speaks from the heart, keeps our head in the stars, and our mind down to Earth.

That’s how we came up with WILD FABRIK — a different and ethical concept, which dares to seek change in the region by using edgy colours, vibrant prints, and exceptional sustainable materials in clothes that are comfortable and accessories that are striking.

Healing our broken planet with conscious choices is at the core of our approach.

Every piece of clothing has a story to tell, and we want to make sure that those stories are heard and valued. Most of all, we stand tall and say no to fast fashion, unfair labour, and landfills.

Now you can too, by using our products and shopping with WILD FABRIK. Join our movement and see for yourself that nothing feels sexier than a good choice!

Jenny, Partner, Business Development

Jenny fell into Wild Fabrik almost by accident when she was in between jobs in the television industry. She was immediately compelled and intrigued to find out more about sustainable fashion and how fast fashion is so damaging to the environment, something she didn’t have much awareness of before. When she had the opportunity to become a Wild Fabrik partner she didn’t hesitate to start her wild sustainable journey. 

Growing up as a child in Sweden Jenny was fascinated with the natural world and animal documentaries on TV; especially those hosted and narrated by David Attenborough. Later as an adult going to Africa and seeing the great wildebeest migration on the Serengeti was a life changing experience for her, especially being able to see magnificent big cats like lions and leopards up close. Our planet is wonderous and amazing, but we cannot take it for granted as these natural wonders will not be there to see for the next generation if we don’t act soon. 

Khalid, Maestro, Sales & CRM

Growing up in Dubai, I remember a time where the world seemed so much less complicated.

The country had far fewer people living here, and the dangers of pollution and global warming had yet to be fully understood. A day out in the desert was our ideal playground and we always took special care of its golden sands.

Seeing the world develop the way it has left me wondering, how did we get to this point? How did we forget our roots, our nature? We have reached the point where one can no longer ignore the impact that old practices have left on our environment and our societies.

Ultimately, it is down to all of us to drive this change and preserve what we have. I am proud to say that WILD FABRIK is here to offer up some alternatives and foster eco-friendly eCommerce in our region. It introduces a new lifestyle for many that are now becoming conscious of the current climate.

The Earth is what we all have in common — let’s save it today, so we can still have it tomorrow.