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1 People
1 People we are fusing innovative sustainable premium fashion with ethical production, transforming shopping into a global force for social good.
Sustainable, meaningful, affordable fashion. All the way. The 138 Way.
Akwaaba, We are ABENA AND AFIA. Our name is pronounced as Aabne’ and ‘Afiya’ I was born on a Tuesday. The female name for a Tuesday born is Abena,
About Us Aketekete is a lifestyle brand focusing on bespoke pieces created on the basis of Ghanaian tradition, heritage, and craft. Focusing on supporting artisans, Aketekete designs and produces decorative pieces and personal accessories, such as high-quality jewelry and woven baskets. Aketekete values connecting with creatives to produce modern pieces using old-age techniques while maintaining ethical and fair processes. Aketekete promotes... More
Amar Kosa
AMAR KOSA is a Vegan PETA approved sustainable fashion brand, founded by a NIFT Delhi alumni Ruchita Singh. We focus on environment-friendly clothing and accessories, with high ecological integrity. The
About Us Antipodean Co. was born in Melbourne, Australia, when co-founder, Alexander, put pen to paper and started hand-drawing ideas for extremely fun print designs to escape the daily grind.  Fun
Aroop Shop India
About Us AROOP celebrates the art of dressing – it denotes ‘extremely beautiful’ in Sanskrit. Our fabrics are custom-woven in India. The label stands for fashion that’s rooted, timeless, and speaks
Atelier Ragazzini
Everywhere we've been is where we belong. Atelier Ragazzini is about connecting cultures globally and bringing our cultural identities on to our clothes and showing it proudly to the world.
Banda Bags
Ethically handcrafted and embroidered bags made by artisans in Indonesia with sustainable materials.
OUR STORY Based in Barcelona, Barner was founded in early 2017 by two friends. After living their lives totally immersed in the digital world, they
All Natural, Vegan, Cruelty Free and Organic Certified skin and hair care products
Beauty Binge
Minal Siyal Dreamer. Travel Enthusiast. Conscious Executive Officer.  As an individual, I always followed the must-dos of life, one phase after another. But as I evolved within, I realized that I wasn’t
Because You Care
In a nutshell:  100% natural - Locally produced - Plastic-free! Because You Care  is a washing powder  that cares about your family’s health and our Planet. It is composed of 4 ingredients which are
Beck & Doodle
About Us Beck & Doodle was created as an antidote to the fast fashion industry. But it’s so much more; It’s a way to make newborn gifting easy. Our sleepsuits and rompers
The UAE’s 1st sustainable towel brand, offering a range of eco-friendly products with designs inspired by the rich cultural heritage of the UAE & Arabian Gulf.
By Dily
Hello, I'm Dily. I take pride in creating modern, high-quality modest designs for everyone. It's a joy to craft each piece with care and inclusivity in mind, ensuring that my
Ceylon Threads
Small batch. Zero waste. Almost everlasting fashion. Born from the love of living on an island, Ceylon Threads is a slow fashion label founded on the simple premise that our love
WHO WE ARE We are a fashion and design house empowering community artisans. We make things that matter and weave joy into every story. In a world where fashion and design
Coppertop Candles & Aromas
Eco-Refills How it works Coppertop Candles are thrilled to offer eco-refills with 10% off on your favorite scents, following a purchase of a full priced candle. Our refills contain exactly
Cucumber Clothing
Earthly Behavior
Earthly Behavior's playful merchandise serves as a canvas for the sustainability movement, allowing our customers to wear their commitment to eco-consciousness and promote awareness wherever they go. Our high
PURPOSE FEMME FIERCE is a dream project that was born in Beirut back in October 2019. A nationwide revolution broke out a few days after our store opening in Beirut Souks,
H2Go Water Bottles
About Us H2go is a brand of reusable water bottles that aims to address Lebanon's significant plastic waste crisis. Due to the poor
Halo Printworks
Uniquely Designed Stationery, made in UAE, celebrating the Arabic language and Middle-Eastern culture. Our mission is to introduce non-Arabic speakers to our beautiful language in an engaging and creative way.
House Babylon
Exceptional products for everyday life. Conscious by design. Transparent by price. Our bedding and lifestyle collection has been cultivated with care, giving you access to enduring pieces and ageless designs. We are the
Insight Professional
INSIDE INSIGHT INSIGHT is professional expertise with a conscious approach. We produce cosmetics because this is our way of expressing ourselves. We have always done it with the utmost care, so that
Island People
Our Story Island People.Co is a sustainable, earth-conscious design studio based in Dubai, UAE We work with Sri Lankan artisans to bring you finest handcrafted textiles and goods inspired by its
About Us                   Jacie is a sublime brand bringing affordable everyday western wear to the bespoke universe of fashion. The label is a
Jenlie Twins
Dear Team, i would like to register vendor with 25% commission together. Thank you so much
Jules + Nomads
About Us Julie Faye the founder of Jules & Nomads started on her journey as a flight attendant for Emirates. Due to the nature of her work she had a lot
Women clothing
Klug Toys
Who We Are This business started out of sheer need! Every time I wanted to buy a toy for my son or a present for one of his friends, it seemed
KSR Apothecary
Brand intro:  KSR Apothecary, is a step towards safe, natural, tried and tested face and body care products. Our formulations are a combination of fruits, herbs, flowers, and vegetable extracts in
KUMI Sneakers
KUMI Sneakers is a Spanish sneakers brand. Our sneakers are made out of sustainable, vegan and recycled materials. All of our sneakers are ethically produced in Spain ensuring good labour
LF Candles
Soy Handmade Candles - we accept customized orders (color, scent, special events) - we provide a refill service to support sustainability -
Luxe + Hardy
About Us we have always felt that the downtime moments in life are some of the best; having a bath; reading a book; getting home from a hard day’s work; chatting with
Marina EC
About Marina Marina was launched in 2018  as a design and product prototype in Madrid. A brand dedicated to commercializing and export of Ecuadorian handicrafts made from  Toquilla Straw, Bamboo and wood.  What began
Maslinda Designs
About Maslinda Maslinda (means more beautiful)  Maslinda Designs is a handmade brand that combines bohemian and minimal aesthetics to create unique and easy to wear bags and espadrilles. Everything is well made, unique, beautiful,
ME Nails
About Us ME is the leading luxury & healthy nail polish and nail treatment brand. Made in Italy developing the most organic-friendly formula for the best choice of your nail care. ME is
Meow Yoga
Yoga Mats, Wellness Journals, and Accessories
MIAH The Label
ABOUT US  Premium daywear, designed and handmade in Dubai, UAE. Inspired by the relaxed and sunny Australian lifestyle to provide comfort in the heat.  Classic cuts and colours in quality natural fibres
Re-inventing active play We’re a Copenhagen-based team of designers, dreamers and doers united by one goal: to create playful & sustainable toys that meet the growing need for motor skills. We believe
My Backyard Chronicles
Eco friendly toys and accessories for kids
NoLoGo Chic
The Story Behind NoLoGo  I have journeyed far and wide in my career as a designer, from Italy to India, Paris to the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and beyond. I
About the Brand Adapted for Diversity that transcend conventional fashion boundaries. We are dedicated to fostering a sense of autonomy and empowerment within the neurodivergent community and their allies by offering
North Wood
North Wood offers unique, eco-friendly wooden watches and sunglasses, each distinct in design due to the natural variations in wood. We emphasize sustainability by planting 3 trees for each product
Nous + Nola
Our Story Welcome to Nous & Nola – home of unique goods, curated for you and your pet's lifestyle. To know the brand is to know the founder, Christina Noussis; an admirer
Nowa Jeans
Hi, we are NOWA Jeans! And here's three reasons why you should be NOWA too. We Love Waste
Olly Lingerie
It all started in Berlin... Behind Olly hide Mathilde and Clémentine. We met during our studies and since then we have
Palm Lights
About us We are bombarded with so many chemicals in our daily lives. A few years ago, I was looking for a way to reduce, if not eliminate unnecessary chemicals from
ABOUT US Pamukme is a home textile company where you can find high-quality textiles made from the finest Turkish cotton and other high quality local materials such as linen and cotton
ABOUT US Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a world where it was always summer? Summer was made to sweeten our soul, bare our feet
Plan Toys
Better Kids, Better World Back in 1981, seven university graduates came together with a shared mission of infusing the world with positivity. Vitool Viraponsavan , one of the strongest voices of
All our clothes are made in Dubai supporting the local economy and reducing our carbon footprint. When you buy from Ptichka you are investing in stylish timeless high quality pieces.
Brand Description Radka  is a global premium women's wear clothing brand that believes in celebrating the joy of everyday luxury and timeless elegance. Radka's philosophy is rooted in the belief that women
RETOLD is Dubai’s most independent fashion stores, offering a huge range of perfect condition pre-owned fashion. Displaying over 18,000 items from a range of brands from favorite high-street brands, unique
Richmond Works
ABOUT RICHMOND WORKS Richmond Works products are designed by Dubai based designer Daniela. Each bag has its own story to tell and are designed around the personalities of Daniela’s family members. The bags
Rory's Apawthecary
ABOUT US Our pets are extensions of ourselves and our families. At  RORY'S APAWTHECARY , we understand the deep and unconditional love that pet parents have
Ruby Moon
We Are A Social Enterprise For Women Powered by Women Cleaning up the oceans and empowering women entrepreneurs around the world, since 2010. The world’s only completely circular, not-for-profit swim and active
Salty Beachwear Dubai Born. Brazil Made. Body Engineered
Secil Seker Studio
About Us Secil Seker is an interior designer who has a passion on contemporary jewellery design. She studied handmade jewellery design & production at MadenIstanbul contemporary jewellery studio in between 2013
Socks Apart
This is our story. It all began with a desire to send underprivileged children to school.  But we didn't have the resources to fund this dream. So, we decided to start a brand that could.  On
Stella Starlight
Who is Stella Starlight ? Stella Starlight is the ambassador of a brand of toys each of which would be found in the character’s toy box. These are the toys she loves to
Sunday's Child
Purchase with Purpose. Resizable Linen clothes that are long lasting, timeless in design- better for your wallet and better for the planet. Kids grow so fast. Each of them at their own
Sustainably U
Sustainably U Linen |  Organic Cotton | Recycled Cotton | Peace Silk | Camel Wool| Tencel Local and Handmade Staying local in the sourcing of material, design, and production helps to cut carbon
OUR STORY Built in New York and bred in New Delhi, Swiatlo is an international fashion brand with a love for global craft
About Us T-Island Cosmeticsis aiming to bring reliable, health and environment friendly organic and/or organic ingredients based skincare, haircare and household products at a reasonable price. We monitorthe International market for
The Ace Bag
Our Story ACE was created with the willingness to offer women a "sporty chic" and functional bag to carry throughout the day without compromising the environment.  From friends and our own personal experience, we
The Clean Touch
KNOW ABOUT US We are a DED Licensed Company in Dubai, and our products are all natural & organic, toxin free, chemical free and plant based. The Clean Touch as a brand
The Earthy Loft
The Earthy Loft was conceptualized with the idea to celebrate artisan communities by shining a light on time honoured sustainable techniques and artisan skill. Niyathi would like each piece to tell
The Greater Good
Hand crafted accessories from upcycled materials
The IDO Movement
About Us Created for movement, designed for life,  The Idō Movement  (pronounced " EE-doh ", meaning change, shift or motion in Japanese)  is a luxury activewear brand specializing in clothes that feel good on the
The Outspokn
What we do. We are a branding studio established in 2020, after years of helping brands with their image. Indeed, every company needs their own, unique identity. We make this happen with
Thea Designs
Welcome to Thea Discover a cruelty-free brand inspired by timeless elegance and strength. Thea embodies the spirit of individuals - confident, empowered, and unapologetically themselves.
Tie No More
Tie No More Luxury Repurposed Accessories Handmade luxury silk twillies and hair ties made out of second-hand ties
About Us Started by two creatives, Treedog was born from a love for authentic style, music, travel and adventure.  Our mission is to create
We are a fully-fledged Cairo-based cult brand and social enterprise. Redefining slow fashion as high-quality, competitively priced, and led by women. Emphasize empowering refugees, women, and promoting sustainable practices.
Utopia Designs
   Homes• That• Heal Modern Minimalistic Handwoven Baskets  
As Dubai’s first 100% vegan and sustainable accessories brand, this female-owned business offers stylish accessories made from GRS-certified 100% recycled materials and boasts a PETA certification, an innovative design team,
Veom Active
WHO WE ARE We are London-based creative environmentalists that love fashion but firmly believe in recycling, renovating and pure living. VEOM involves up-to-the-minute fabulously unique prints that are exciting and eye-catching.
Vino Supraja
About Us Our founder, Vino Supraja, is an architect turned fashion designer. She is a very talented and all-around great person who has attracted several coveted industry awards, gaining widespread recognition
Wear Arie
Handmade Bags By Small Local Artisans Of The Philippines.
About Us Founded by Himanshi ad Mahima, Whakatō is an independent fashion label putting forward new solutions to existing problems. The fashion industry is a significant contributor to global air and
From the beginning we knew that  WILD FABRIK will be more than a marketplace platform.  We knew that to make a change across many verticals was necessary for our purpose to
WILD FABRIK is a female-lead, Dubai-founded sustainable e-commerce SME platform.  WILD FABRIK is the home of sustainability; where mindful consumers can connect with sustainable retailers and conscious brands across Beauty, Fashion,
Wilde Bali
✨ Handmade in Bali I Based in Barcelona 
Yallah Bags
About us Yallah bags are handmade in Madagascar and personalized with your name uniquely written in Arabic. The bags are made by indigenous
Youfiel Cosmetics
Youfiel Cosmetics is a gateway to clean and conscious beauty that is committed to curating brands that prioritize natural and organic ingredients, cruelty-free practices, sustainable packaging, and responsible sourcing.