Our Wild Vendors

Bags and accessories made from old sails.
Allkind Vegan
About Us Allkind Vegan launched in 2020 with a clear ethos to offer beautiful and desirable, non-animal origin vegan footwear. Our core focus is around ethical and sustainable production. Our products are designed in Britain and lovingly & ethically handmade in Spain. All our products are 100% vegan. We are passionate about sustainability and using eco-materials and we have worked closely with experts to produce designer shoes whilst sourcing the finest materials. All our materials are great alternatives to traditional, and in our opinion, outdated leather. These include Microfiber, PU, PL, Cotton, Natural or Recycled Rubber and upcycled materials. We prioritise recycled and recyclable options wherever we can. The beautiful soles on our shoes are made from 100% recycled material as are our shoeboxes and even our business cards are made from recycled t-shirts. Our goal is to produce everyday must have classic designs without any compromise. This in itself makes a contribution to the... More
Amar Kosa
AMAR KOSA is a Vegan PETA approved sustainable fashion brand, founded by a NIFT Delhi alumni Ruchita Singh. We focus on environment-friendly clothing and accessories, with high ecological integrity. The word AMAR KOSA is derived from the ancient language of Sanskrit, which means ‘eternal collection’. As the meaning suggests, we work on timeless designs that do not grow out of style. Currently retailing at premium stores in Goa- Paper boat collective, Como, Dive and a few high-end boutique stores. Retailing at Collage Chennai and Evoluzione Chennai. Retailing at Chintz Pondicherry and few other boutique stores in Pondicherry. We are also present at The Village Collective, Mumbai. Recently we had the opportunity to showcase our collection- Timeless shibori on the ramp at Bangalore Fashion Week’22. Early last year our brand was selected by IIM, Bangalore for mentorship and women entrepreneurship program.
Antipodean Co.
About Us Antipodean Co. was born in Melbourne, Australia, when co-founder, Alexander, put pen to paper and started hand-drawing ideas for extremely fun print designs to escape the daily grind.  Fun prints, as per Alexander, should be there for everyone to show their fun side and personality!   Then the pandemic-that-shall-not-be-mentioned hit and the decision was made to take this catalogue of super fun designs and share them with the world.   Enter (our other co-founder) Noelle, who is a passionate advocate against fast fashion, sweat shop labour and plastic use – and Antipodean Co. decided that we would make a product that was not just fun and up-lifting to those wearing our super fun swim shorts and others around them, but that we would go further and make swim shorts in a way that minimises our impact on the environment, and ensure that the people making our swim shorts benefit from a fair wage and acceptable working conditions.      As people are... More
Aroop Shop India
About Us AROOP celebrates the art of dressing – it denotes ‘extremely beautiful’ in Sanskrit. Our fabrics are custom-woven in India. The label stands for fashion that’s rooted, timeless, and speaks of quality craftsmanship. Comfortable fabrics, subdued colors with intrinsic silhouettes are the brand’s identity.  We strongly believe in giving back to Mother Earth as much as we benefit from her. We strive to ensure minimum waste while producing every bit of clothing and upcycle left-over small scraps on books, headbands, quilts or so. The label stands for fashion that’s rooted, timeless, and speaks of quality craftsmanship. Comfortable fabrics, subdued colors with intrinsic silhouettes are the brand’s identity.
Artisan Living Collection
Textiles with a story... Artisan Living Collection  was created from my love of textiles and my understanding of the passion and creativity that goes into producing fabric. I started my journey at the University for the Creative Arts in the UK, where I embraced the journey of hand weaving in my Textile degree. It was a slow but mindful process of dyeing yarns, winding warps and patient weaving that gave me a greater appreciation for the beauty of fabric. Incorporating this artisan movement into my brand was incredibly important to me, and here  Artisan Living Collection  was created; a homewares brand celebrating textiles with a story. Whether it’s hand block-printed fabrics from Jaipur, or vibrant Morris and Co prints from the British Arts and Crafts movement, the story of textiles is an important feature of my brand.
OUR STORY Based in Barcelona, Barner was founded in early 2017 by two friends. After living their lives totally immersed in the digital world, they had identified a problem that was not only affecting them, but millions of people all around the globe: overexposure to blue light. As hard workers and technology lovers, their eyes couldn’t withstand the long hours spent every day in front of screens. They wanted to find a solution that would protect their eyes and improve their quality of life without sacrificing their style. After realizing that current solutions on the market weren’t good enough, they decided to create their own. HOW WE STARTED We worked long and hard to create the glasses of our dreams, but before launching, we decided to test it out on two crowdfunding platforms: Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Thanks to the amazing support of all the people that believed in us and backed our crowdfunding campaigns, we’ve sold  over 15,000 glasses in 81 countrie s, and now... More
Beauty Binge
Minal Siyal Dreamer. Travel Enthusiast. Conscious Executive Officer.  As an individual, I always followed the must-dos of life, one phase after another. But as I evolved within, I realized that I wasn’t cut out for the everyday monotony. I needed something more fulfilling to add meaning to my days. On the other end of the spectrum, lay my frustration with my health struggles. One that I couldn’t share with everyone, and one that kept eating into my happiness. Only when I met a few professionals in the field of Nutrition and Health development, did I slowly start making significant changes to my lifestyle. I was reading labels of almost everything that I consumed/applied/indulged in. It wasn’t a random erratic phase, in fact, the thoughtful and conscious way of living was a change I will never regret in my life and an important aspect of our story. The two phases united when I quit my career in Advertising. Driven by my newfound passion for clean living, and after a lot of research... More
Because You Care
In a nutshell:  100% natural - Locally produced - Plastic-free! Because You Care  is a washing powder  that cares about your family’s health and our Planet. It is composed of 4 ingredients which are all completely natural! The base of the formula is the famous French soap "Savon de Marseille"  which is safe for your skin .  (We hate the endocrine disruptors!) Cherry on the cake: Because You Care is fully made in Dubai! Which means that we tremendously  reduce our carbon footprint  as there is no transportation, saving thousands of kilometers and carbon emissions!
Beck & Doodle
About Us Beck & Doodle was created as an antidote to the fast fashion industry. But it’s so much more; It’s a way to make newborn gifting easy. Our sleepsuits and rompers are designed to be worn day or night, and their zip-up design makes changes uncomplicated. It's also easy to recycle our products and packaging; we use ethically sourced organic cotton, we don't mix fibres, and all our inks are plant-based. Choose a piece that speaks to you, or visit our Gift Box Builder to put together a meaningful baby gift for someone you love. Our items are designed to mix and match together beautifully so you can create the perfect baby gift.
Carol & ME
Experience freedom and empowerment with our sustainable, stylish, and leak-proof period panties. Say goodbye to fear and restrictions, and embrace the comfort and freedom of choice they offer. More
Ceylon Threads
Small batch. Zero waste. Almost everlasting fashion. Born from the love of living on an island, Ceylon Threads is a slow fashion label founded on the simple premise that our love for beautiful clothing does not have to have a negative impact on our planet. The brand was developed out of a respectful knowledge of nature and a passion for gentle, caring, long-lasting styles, which is true to our character. Ethics We're a slow fashion label that makes pieces that can be added to your wardrobe over time. Small capsules for everyday use - day or night. Our designs are created with care to be timeless and attractive, and they are made of high-quality materials to last. We advocate for a methodical approach to shopping. We inspire conscious consumption and a "buy less, buy better" mindset that emphasizes investing in high-quality & timeless-styled clothing. Sustainability Sustainability is a broad concept; manufacturing clothing has an impact on the earth we... More
Chambray & Co
WHO WE ARE We are a fashion and design house empowering community artisans. We make things that matter and weave joy into every story. In a world where fashion and design are often seen as excess, Chambray & Co. is a proof that style and sustainability can coexist. Inspired by nature and captivated by the city, Chambray & Co. tells a story of a lifestyle which embodies a connectedness and balance with the natural world.  For over 6 years, Chambray & Co. has captured the essence of the modern woman.⁠ ⁠ We are experimental, authentic & real. The perfect blend of effortless and chic. The brand is polished, yet extremely personable. Passionate about life and style.⁠ ⁠ Socially aware and adaptable to seasons. Chambray & Co. is contemporary without being too directional. Beautifully handcrafted, modern collections - wearable & timeless. We are not just about fashion, we focus on the way we make you feel. An aspirational lifestyle to live by.⁠ ⁠ Whether it’s a casual movie, long lunch with... More
Coppertop Candles & Aromas
Eco-Refills How it works Coppertop Candles are thrilled to offer eco-refills with 10% off on your favorite scents, following a purchase of a full priced candle. Our refills contain exactly the same blend of natural soy wax and 100% pure essential oils, in the same stylish containers. Simply return your jar and send us a message and we will arrange your discounted refill with you. More
Cucumber Clothing
WE KNOW WHAT BUSY MEANS AND WE WANTED TO CREATE THE CLOTHES WE COULD NEVER FIND TO KEEP GOING 24/7. WE WANTED TO MAKE LUXURY FOR EVERYDAY. We are friends who met at the school gates almost 20 years ago. Between us, our complementary characters, children, 2 dogs and continuing friendship have helped relate our vision for Cucumber. We know what busy means and we wanted to create the clothes we could never find to keep going 24/7. We wanted to make luxury for everyday. Why has luxury always meant skyscraper heels and clothes that dig in, pinch and crumple for so long? We have created simple, multifunctional designs that slip perfectly into every woman’s wardrobe. Ultra modern performance fabrics mean our clothes move with you, not against you and always feel beautifully soft against the skin.  Cucumber means clothes that give women confidence. Our clothes breathe, cool and wick, they stretch but don’t crease, they love a cold wash and are dry in a few hours. No ironing. These are... More
PURPOSE FEMME FIERCE is a dream project that was born in Beirut back in October 2019. A nationwide revolution broke out a few days after our store opening in Beirut Souks, leaving it vandalized & ransacked. Soon after, Lebanon witnessed one of the world’s most devastating economic collapses in over 150 years, not to mention a worldwide pandemic and last but not least, the largest non-nuclearexplosion ever recorded in history (that’s right girls, only third to Hiroshima & Nagasaki) which left our Atelier in pieces. Through blood, sweat, tears, resilience and above all love & hope for what our Lebanon could be; Today we stand tall and proud. We are inspired by WOMEN, made for WARRIORS.
H2Go Water Bottles
About Us H2go is a brand of reusable water bottles that aims to address Lebanon's significant plastic waste crisis. Due to the poor quality of tap water, people rely on plastic water bottles, which contributes to the garbage crisis. H2go has devised a three-step plan to encourage the use of reusable bottles: H2go installs clean water dispensers throughout the city, in both public and private locations. Payment can be made with coins or through the H2go app. The H2go app informs customers of the nearest water dispenser, tracks how much money and plastic they are saving, and connects them to a community of H2go users. H2go produces stylish and trendy reusable bottles, with the aim of making them a popular choice among the population. This approach will attract young people, who are keen to embrace healthy and eco-friendly lifestyles. H2go has conducted a survey that shows that young people are eager to make the switch from plastic to reusable bottles. H2go plans to pilot the initiative at a... More
House Babylon
Exceptional products for everyday life. Conscious by design. Transparent by price. Our bedding and lifestyle collection has been cultivated with care, giving you access to enduring pieces and ageless designs. We are the foundation upon which you can start each day. After all, time in bed is time well spent. And because we get the details right in the manufacturing stage, our products don’t just look and feel great – they last. Night after night. Carefully Considered Each thread that goes into framing your unforgettable bedtime experience has been carefully chosen to ensure each night you are immersed in sophistication. To deliver directly to your bedroom without the retail middleman is a conscious decision to revolutionise the industry. Democratising luxury with a transparent label. Ethical, Always We make decisions that help you sleep at night. Sourcing ethical materials and manufacturing processes builds a bedding brand to be absurdly comfortable with , and in... More
Insight Professional
INSIDE INSIGHT INSIGHT is professional expertise with a conscious approach. We produce cosmetics because this is our way of expressing ourselves. We have always done it with the utmost care, so that the finished product can bring professional quality and performance to as many people as possible. We believe in the possibility of a more conscious lifestyle, rooted in respect for ourselves and our common resources. For us, sustainability has a broader sense. It is about the environment... Environmental sustainability is a permanent goal for Insight. We have taken a path that leads us to do our best every day to reduce our impact on the environment. We apply this awareness to our production methods and our finished products. … and about people. Sustainability is also a social value, which walks hand in hand with accessibility. It is not a utopian ideal, but a tangible goal, which should be pursued with practical actions every day.
Iron Roots
OUR STORY Iron Roots was founded in 2017 by friends that were fed up with the fact that more than 90% of all sportswear is made from plastics. When we started to look for alternatives, we couldn’t find any, so we decided to take matters into our own hands. By combining  design ,  functionality  and  sustainability , we aim to create the best sportswear. Welcome to our journey. MORE THAN 90% OF ALL SPORTSWEAR CONTAINS POLYESTER OR ANOTHER FORM OF PLASTIC. PLASTIC FREE We make activewear from fabrics that don't contain plastics. We also save CO₂ emissions. Some of our sportswear saves even more than 60% CO₂ during production compared to polyester clothing. PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY MAKE CLOTHING TEND TO BE EXPLOITED FOR THEIR WORK. FAIR PRODUCTION By working with factories that are dedicated to fair production standards, we can make sure that the people who work there are treated well. You can read more about our production by clicking down here. NATURAL... More
Island People Co
Our Story Island People.Co is a sustainable, earth-conscious design studio based in Dubai, UAE We work with Sri Lankan artisans to bring you finest handcrafted textiles and goods inspired by its 3000-year-old rich culture, art & traditions.  Sri Lanka, the teardrop-shaped island country in the Indian ocean is bursting with an energy that feels like a dazzling celebration of life. We invite you to share these feel-good energies and enjoy the blessings of the natural, slow-made goods which our ancestors adopted centuries ago. “Sri Lanka’s culture thrives on communal bonds. Our Mission is to build that cultural connection with you. Our heritage crafts bring forth the human bond, meaning, and value. Reminding us that we have more similarities than differences, that we all live from a place of oneness.” Handloom Weaving The handloom has existed since the very inception of Sri Lanka. According to legend, the indigenous Queen Kuweni was spinning yarn when the Indian Prince Vijaya first... More
Jules + Nomads
About Us Julie Faye the founder of Jules & Nomads started on her journey as a flight attendant for Emirates. Due to the nature of her work she had a lot of issues with her sleep and spent the next years finding a cure. She started on her path of becoming and trained herbalist and her natural oil was created to help others that struggle with their sleep in a tried and tested way.  All natural, just applied to the feet before bed, her sleep oils will transform your bed time routine and help you get a good nights sleep.
Klug Toys
Who We Are This business started out of sheer need! Every time I wanted to buy a toy for my son or a present for one of his friends, it seemed I had to search all over town looking for something meaningful. Yet travels to Europe and the parts of the world had me able to fill boxes with creative, fun, quality toys with relative ease. This is how Klug Educational Toys and Play was born. Klug Toys presents the customers with unique , quality merchandise on attractive displays and well trained staff providing great customer service  in a happy and friendly environment. We are on constant lookout for new brands that support creativity , fun play and  skills development. Albert Einstein said 'Play is the highest form of research' and we can't agree more! Lina Bangash Owner & Founder
KSR Apothecary
Brand intro:  KSR Apothecary, is a step towards safe, natural, tried and tested face and body care products. Our formulations are a combination of fruits, herbs, flowers, and vegetable extracts in the purest form, handcrafted with care and love for trusted results. The essential oils in our products add therapeutic value. Kauser, the founder, started by making natural hair oil at home using Indian herbs. It was an instant success and within a few months of practice and encouragement, she went back to India to learn a course on skincare formulation. She learnt how to formulate everything from scratch - including soaps, hair oils, creams, cosmetics and much more. Now, 2 years here is the fully conceptualized and developed local and natural brand offering a range of 35+ successful and amazing products!
Luxe + Hardy
About Us we have always felt that the downtime moments in life are some of the best; having a bath; reading a book; getting home from a hard day’s work; chatting with friends; meditating in your living room; family time on the sofa; morning yoga; morning cups of tea; and, of course, getting into bed. We have created Luxe + Hardy for these moments – to make them as luxurious and comfortable as possible. These are the moments in life we take for granted, but that make life so special, not to mention the downtime in life is absolutely essential for a happy mind and a healthy body (two of our favorite things). The Luxe + Hardy collection began as a way to make sleepwear more conducive to sleep! We wanted to bring together the best fabrics – which are natural, breathable, sweat-wicking and temperature controlling (not to mention multi-climatic) – that enhance sleep and also look stylish out of the bedroom as well. But we didn't want the collection to just end there, as everyone from Oprah to Arianna... More
Marina EC
About Marina Marina was launched in 2018  as a design and product prototype in Madrid. A brand dedicated to commercializing and export of Ecuadorian handicrafts made from  Toquilla Straw, Bamboo and wood.  What began as a love of languages, culture and nature, became a dream to offer the world a bit of Ecuadorian culture and commercialize artisan products with the most emblematic materials of this country. Our collections include:  genuine toquilla straw hats, hand-woven bags and other accessories handmade with various materials from Ecuador.  ECUADORIAN ARTISANS Our products are all manufactured on  the western coast of Ecuador , with an artisanal concept and design aesthetics. We currently work in an environment close to  social responsibility ; this is why our main objective is to provide creative job opportunities for artisans, highlighting their skill with their hands and ensuring fair remuneration for the development of their communities.... More
Maslinda Designs
About Maslinda Maslinda (means more beautiful)  Maslinda Designs is a handmade brand that combines bohemian and minimal aesthetics to create unique and easy to wear bags and espadrilles. Everything is well made, unique, beautiful, functional and comfortable. The line’s simple, organic shapes and luscious textures and shades appeal to the woman who values individuality and creativity. We try to make our creations as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible using mostly natural materials. Every single item is lovingly designed and carefully crafted by hand by our small and dedicated team, ensuring top quality and designs that you will not find anywhere else. Mas Linda literally means "more beautiful" and my goal is to create a world of beauty and share it with you.  Our customer reviews   are the best advertisement we could ever have and we are immensely grateful for every one of them. More
ME Nails
About Us ME is the leading luxury&healthy nail polish and nail treatment brand. Made in Italy developing the most organic-friendly formula for the best choice of your nail care. ME is the first and only line: -  18-free : free of 18 toxic ingredients; -  vegan : cruelty free and no animal tested; -  halal : suitable for pregnant and muslim women. ”I believe in manicures” (Audrey Hepburn) for beautiful and healthy nails. ME expresses your identity to be yourself aiming at the best, in each color and shape, the choice of a beauty inside out. ME, your luxury nail care
MIAH The Label
ABOUT US  Premium daywear, designed and handmade in Dubai, UAE. Inspired by the relaxed and sunny Australian lifestyle to provide comfort in the heat.  Classic cuts and colours in quality natural fibres that keep you cool and looking sharp all year round. Designed for daily wear with an easy ‘wash and wear’ appeal. Using only natural materials, each garment is unique and handmade in 100% pure linen or 100% cotton. All pieces are one of a kind and made in limited quantities.  We have two main collections, DAILY ESSENTIALS and LIMITED RELEASE, both featuring our classic cuts in high-quality natural materials. Each collection is produced in limited quantities per drop. ESSENTIALS : Featuring 100% pure linen in neutral classic colours that make up our core product offering. All pieces are unique and made in limited quantities per drop and are restocked every few months as required.  LIMITED RELEASE :  Unique everyday wear yet with a punchier, more colourful... More
Our Story MISOL was born after a long summer in Europe.  We fell in love with the shoes that were in fashion at the time in Italy and Spain, as well as the story behind them. So we decided to import them to Dubai. We bring the original Furlana, from Friuli North of Italy. Where they were initially made by women using recycled materials, jute and tyres in the 19th century. Misol is a small business that prioritises quality and know how over quantity. We love the slow life and traditions, and how they are passed down within families. That's why we work closely with family owned factories in Europe, and make orders in small batches when needed. Misol shoes are colourful and fun. That's one of their characteristics, vibrant colour fabrics and ribbons. They are also they weightless and timeless. They can be worn easily during all seasons and from morning to evening. Versatile and chic. Made from cotton velvet and bicycle tyres. One by one by hand, stitched and not glued.... More
Re-inventing active play We’re a Copenhagen-based team of designers, dreamers and doers united by one goal: to create playful & sustainable toys that meet the growing need for motor skills. We believe in open-ended play We dream of a future where kids develop and are enabled to inspire us through more imagination & open-ended, active play. With the many games on tablets and computers, the development of play and fundamental motor skills is becoming increasingly unimaginative and passive. This sucks because activity and motor skill stimulation form the foundation of both physical, linguistic and social learning for our kids. We are determined to change this sad trend with a toy that fulfills the need to create, be imaginative, and urges kids to play actively using their whole body. We hope to make play the center of living. We have designed a toy that parents can invite into their living room. In that way, MODU is a toy that is always available for spontaneous co-play with all family... More
NoLoGo Chic
The Story Behind NoLoGo  I have journeyed far and wide in my career as a designer, from Italy to India, Paris to the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and beyond. I have been honoured to design alongside inspiring crafts people, working tirelessly to continue traditions such as block printing, hand embroidery, batik, dip dye and tie dye techniques and weavers who create magic at their looms. Many garments have the crafts person's heart and soul worked into it. These pieces have a story to tell. I started my career with design genius Sir Terence Conran as a junior designer for his wonderful team aptly named The Design Group.   The most thrilling start to what was to become a wonderful, long journey in the world of design. A career spanning many years I have designed collections for many stores, Next, Monsoon, Laura Ashley, Mothercare, Anokhi, Daniel Hechter in Paris, Per Una and more. As a Fellow of the Royal society of Arts, I have won numerous awards for design, including the... More
Nous + Nola
Our Story Welcome to Nous & Nola – home of unique goods, curated for you and your pet's lifestyle. To know the brand is to know the founder, Christina Noussis; an admirer of beauty, wanderer by heart and lover of furry animals. Christina’s eye for detail, aesthetics and unusual treasures, has over the years, fused into a passion within her own life, carefully sourcing items that always reflected her style, personality and love for the unique; whether it was a statement piece of jewelry or an abstract painting for her apartment. And then along came Nola, her beloved little chihuahua, who brought with her, a world of sunshine and who aptly shared the same sense of individuality in her furry personality. Christina drew inspiration from her loveable pet and embarked on a journey to curate elements of her lifestyle intertwined with Nola's.    What started out as Nous, an online destination for handmade jewelry & accessories, quickly grew into a lifestyle brand, introducing... More
Nowa Jeans
Hi, we are NOWA Jeans! And here's three reasons why you should be NOWA too. We Love Waste  You must have heard it: one man’s waste is another man’s treasure (well, that’s not exactly it… but, you get the point). And we take this very seriously. In fact, so seriously that we’ve decided to create a brand out of it: NOWA Jeans. NOWA Jeans is NO WAste (get it?). Yep, that’s right. For us, the noblest raw material already exists, but the industry still perceives it as waste. More than that, our commitment is to understand waste as an opportunity (and not as garbage). We are in a serious relationship with nature At NOWA Jeans, we provide a new cycle for materials that have already reached the highest levels of quality and consumed huge amounts of water, energy, chemicals and extensive areas of cultivation. Materials that, otherwise, would be incinerated or accumulated in landfills, which is really bad for the planet. We hate the idea that all these resources... More
Olly Lingerie
It all started in Berlin... Behind Olly hide Mathilde and Clémentine. We met during our studies and since then we have not left each other. Together, we went to Berlin for a university exchange. For a year we walked the streets of this green, incredibly inspiring city, and it was between a walk in the Tiergarten and a beer on the terrace that Olly germinated! Eco-friendly since our earliest childhood (thank you dad, thank you mom) and passionate about fashion, we have been looking in France, as well as in Germany, for pretty ecological lingerie. But despite our research on the internet or in stores, we couldn't find anything to our liking. So, neither one nor two, taking advantage of an entrepreneurship course, we began to imagine the brand of our dreams! Once the course was over, we were so convinced and enthusiastic that we decided to start for real! Finding a name, imagining the first collection, looking for the clothing workshop, going on a shoot, launching... More
Palm Lights
About us We are bombarded with so many chemicals in our daily lives. A few years ago, I was looking for a way to reduce, if not eliminate unnecessary chemicals from my home. Believe me, Being a candle addict didn’t help! Most candles are either made of toxic Paraffin or genetically modified Soy. Additionally, synthetically fragranced candles cause allergic reactions and poor air quality. Not wanting to give up entirely, I decided to make my own candles and started experimenting at home. My guiding lights were my love for handmade, respect for the planet and a passion for perfection. I invested in natural and organic (whenever possible) raw materials. An year of trial and error with different waxes, wicks and fragrances ensued. In the end, I was able to create a candle that looked beautiful, burnt properly, smelled good and was completely safe to burn around my children. My friends loved it and encouraged me to sell. This is how Palm Lights was born! Each candle is a unique piece of art because... More
ABOUT US Pamukme is a home textile company where you can find high-quality textiles made from the finest Turkish cotton and other high quality local materials such as linen and cotton sateen. Most of the products you are about to view on our website such as the duvet cover sets, bedspreads, peshtemals, bath towels, muslin bathrobes are all designed and produced in Turkey, which is renowned for its long history of textile manufacturing. We are happy and proud to bring you handmade items done by local artisans who are proud to carry on their ancestor’s work and introduce them to younger generations. Hence, Pamukme is a young generation company that highly respects and values the local artisans who put in an ample amount of knowledge, skills and most importantly love into their art. As a company, we love to offer beautiful, fashionable, and durable products to all our customers. Our collections are handpicked meticulously, sourced, and produced ethically, and brought to you with love. More
ABOUT US Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a world where it was always summer? Summer was made to sweeten our soul, bare our feet and free our spirit. It is a smile, a kiss, laughter, blue waves and sandy beaches... a beer with friends at a sunset party by the pool. Panareha is an independent sustainable lifestyle fashion brand that embodies the true summer spirit. From our swimwear to our range of shirts and accessories our collections have a cooler and more relaxed approach to men’s summer wear. Do not ask what summer is. Ask where summer is. The answer will come with the breeze... Our commitment is to create great menswear, with sustainability at heart. We combine the best materials with the best manufacturers, challenging them to produce more sustainable and long-lasting products that protect our planet’s natural resources. SUMMER INSPIRATION Panareha’s team is based in Lisbon, one of the trendiest cities in the world. With so many beautiful beaches and the... More
Plan Toys
Better Kids, Better World Back in 1981, seven university graduates came together with a shared mission of infusing the world with positivity. Vitool Viraponsavan , one of the strongest voices of the group, went on to establish PlanToys® and has been inspiring children and families worldwide ever since.Today, PlanToys has branched out to Asia, America, Europe and Australia – bringing optimism, creativity and a passion for sustainability to communities all over. The fusion of these three things is also known as our “Sustainable Way,” which further includes our use of sustainable materials, manufacturing methods and mindset. Child Development is Our Focus. Enhance development for children. At PlanToys, sustainability and child development are our top priorities. By focusing on child safety and age milestones during design and production, our wooden toys enhance both physical and cognitive development. Green Business Practices are Our Forte. Sustainable world  With a... More
Brand Description Radka  is a global premium women's wear clothing brand that believes in celebrating the joy of everyday luxury and timeless elegance. Radka's philosophy is rooted in the belief that women should not have to wait for a special occasion to feel luxurious. We care about our planet & we are making bold strides towards sustainability through eco-friendly materials and ethical production practices.
Richmond Works
ABOUT RICHMOND WORKS Richmond Works products are designed by Dubai based designer Daniela. Each bag has its own story to tell and are designed around the personalities of Daniela’s family members. The bags are all handmade and tanned by traditional methods. The unique and limited edition cotton linings you find in each bag are designed exclusively for Richmond Works by French Designer Charlotte. Your bag is in our DNA. Literally. Our designs take that DNA into everyday style. A style that transcends fashion’s fickleness - wear what you want, where you want, when you want - our bags will come along for the ride. You see, timelessness can’t be bought or made. It’s inherent and comes through the patina of every product we make, long after we pass each piece on to its final guardian. You see, it's patience. Like waiting for a leather bag to see signs of travel — the nick that happened on that flight to Cairo, the ding that happened in the taxi in Amman, the burned-in shoulder... More
Rory's Apawthecary
ABOUT US Our pets are extensions of ourselves and our families. At  RORY'S APAWTHECARY , we understand the deep and unconditional love that pet parents have for their furry children, and the trust that pets have in their humans to give them best care in all fronts: food, exercise, play, groom, and sleep. We believe that if given the choice, pet parents would choose what is best for their pets- just as they would choose what is best for themselves and the rest of their human family. While there are so many natural options for humans, we wondered why the same options are not as widely available for pets? RORY'S APAWTHECARY  was developed out of the desire to create pet care products that are just as good for pets as they are for humans. The standard should not be any different!  With Rory as our inspiration and our forever muse, we created a brand that is safe and non-toxic. Products that actually do GOOD for our beloved furry ones. We work with nature to responsibly make safe... More
Ruby Moon
We Are A Social Enterprise For Women Powered by Women Cleaning up the oceans and empowering women entrepreneurs around the world, since 2010. The world’s only completely circular, not-for-profit swim and active wear brand. As a registered CIC we  transform ocean waste into beautiful Gym To Swim clothing whilst donating 100% of our profit into micro loans for women entrepreneurs globally. So far we have helped over 1200 women and their families to find a route out of poverty with the help of you, our Impact Women. Environment ~ Clean Oceans Our journey begins in collaboration with Healthyseas.org – an NGO that collects ghost fishing nets from the oceans and protects its biodiversity. The nets are leaching microfibres as well as killing over 100K animals per year- so we must remove them from the seas. The fabric used in all our garments is made with ECONYL® yarn, a 100% regenerated nylon fibre made from nylon waste otherwise polluting the Earth, like fishing nets, fabric scraps,... More
About Sayu The miracle called merino wool . The functional lining of the SAYU panties is made from Merino sheep's wool on the inside. This functional layer, which comes into direct contact with the skin, is unrivaled - no synthetic fiber can match it today. This wool owes its unique properties to the evolution with which the merino sheep has adapted to the most adverse living conditions. Our wool comes from Australian sheep, whose breeders have committed themselves to animal-friendly and species-appropriate husbandry under the keyword "mulesing-free", and bears the bluesign® and the oekotex® certificate. Merino wool combines many advantages: silky soft wearing comfort antibacterial properties prevents the development of odors naturally elastic thermoregulating ability moisture wicking breathable even when wet Without nanosilver. Our panties do not contain nanosilver particles. Nanosilver is one of the biocides - substances that kill harmful organisms or... More
WHO WE ARE UNITED BY THE BEACH We are a community, first and foremost. We bring together good-vibing, like-minded people who love the sun, the sand, and everything that comes with it. Those saltwater kids who could spend all day, everyday by the sea, because no number of summer days is ever enough. “The more the merrier” is a mindset we live by, because we believe in the power of the collective whole. Our community, after all, is what makes all the magic. NO-COMPROMISE BEACHWEAR We are more than just a clothing line. We are the stuff you LIVE in all summer long—or maybe all vacation long. We know how those sunny days melt into summer nights, and we know that requires wearing what feels good. That's why every piece is designed to be effortless and comfortable, so you can feel like you're bumming around all day, without actually looking like it. Go ahead. Move. Swim. Run. Play. Tan. Snooze. Dance. Surf. Do it all, ‘cause we made sure when you slip it on, you're set... More
Secil Seker Studio
About Us Secil Seker is an interior designer who has a passion on contemporary jewellery design. She studied handmade jewellery design & production at MadenIstanbul contemporary jewellery studio in between 2013 - 2017. Today, besides her architectural projects, she loves to create wearable pieces that tells stories about city, buildings, men, women and life. Secil combines simple, geometric forms with human/animal figures to make elegant, contemporary, lively jewelleries. Her jewellery is influenced by her life-experiences and telling stories about architecture, urban culture and humankind. Using traditional techniques, each piece of jewellery is handmade in Istanbul, Turkey.
Socks Apart
This is our story. It all began with a desire to send underprivileged children to school.  But we didn't have the resources to fund this dream. So, we decided to start a brand that could.  On April 1st, Fools Day, a foolish idea was born.  Odd socks, paired with a story.  What started as a joke turned into a serious passion project.  6 months later our first trial socks arrived. Disaster.  We reworked, worked, reworked and finally ended up with a collection we loved. Over the course of a year, we sent our socks to friends asking them for feedback.  We received a love of love (and an occasional 'You're Stupid'). Both these responses made us proud and fueled the dream further.  The picture here is our first attempt to get our business idea to do good. When we stitched and haded over winter wear for underprivileged children to help them continue going to school during the harsh winter months of Orissa, India.... More
Stella Starlight
Who is Stella Starlight ? Stella Starlight is the ambassador of a brand of toys each of which would be found in the character’s toy box. These are the toys she loves to play with and reflect her values and personality, in a way that they are durable, sustainable and designed for open-ended play. Stella Starlight stands for fun, adventure, imagination, and friendship. Why Stella Starlight ? Stella Starlight is above all a role model for children navigating today’s complex world, with a strong moral compass and focus on leadership and responsibility. In her toys, stories, and adventures, Stella teaches children: • Vision and clarity of purpose • Focus on creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration • Kindness and consideration to others (empathy) • Leveraging strengths of others to accomplish a common goal and inspiring others to reach their very best via example • Acting responsibly with the interests of the larger community in mind (integrity and ethical behaviour)... More
Stories of the Soil
Our Story Stories of the Soil is an initiative promoting the artisans whose handcrafted products help to preserve tradition, culture and heritage. We want to connect these artisans to the end consumer and enhance the demand for their products beyond their country to strengthen their livelihood and further empower them. Most of the artisans are women from rural areas and it gives them the opportunity to earn livelihood for their families while taking care of them and pass on their skills and craft to future generations. The products we bring are ethically produced and traded, they are sustainable and adopt slow fashion. Artisans from Pakistan is just a start, we will soon be showcasing artisans from other countries too, to bring you a range that is as diverse as UAE!
Sunday's Child
Purchase with Purpose. Resizable Linen clothes that are long lasting, timeless in design- better for your wallet and better for the planet. Kids grow so fast. Each of them at their own rate, and you can't seem to predict when that growth spurt will happen. Here at Sunday’s Child we understand this and make our clothing so it can fit a wider size range.  Our clothes are timeless- designed in a way that helps you build a wardrobe of trend-resistant investment pieces for your child, with an eye to curbing rampant consumption. We buy only the best quality linen. Sewing with high-quality materials and a meticulous attention to detail, our clothes are more durable and long-lasting than mass-produced clothing. Built to last years not months. Why buy for just a few months wear when you can buy a product to reuse for years?  We want to extend the life of our products even more. Did you know we have a preloved program? Give us back our clothing that you no longer use, doesn't matter how worn... More
Sustainably U
Sustainably U is Made of : Linen |  Organic Cotton | Recycled Cotton | Peace Silk | Camel Wool| Tencel Local and Handmade Staying local in the sourcing of material, design, and production helps to cut carbon emissions, and air pollution, and keep tapping into the sustainability of the supply & value chain. It also helps with the sustainability of the local economy and circularity - from local sourcing to local production and consumption. Our clothes are handmade in Dubai, this production process maximizes the use of resources and keeps supply closer to demand. It also uses much less energy, both in the actual production and in the tooling, and gives opportunities to the artisans to flourish. And most importantly each collection is curated and made responsibly in small batches, so we stay as close to demand as possible to prevent overproduction. Our Design We design pieces, keeping in mind five things :   Minimalism  Timelessness  Can  be worn year... More
OUR STORY Built in New York and bred in New Delhi, Swiatlo is an international fashion brand with a love for global craft and cultural exchange. We believe in unabashed self-expression via uniquely designed and ethically produced small batch collections Our mission is twofold: to adorn you in high-quality well-designed colorful forever pieces, and to contribute to sustaining indigenous craft techniques while supporting women makers in India. We are honored to have you with us on this journey! Production Partners: Stitching MasterG MasterG centers around India train women for highly-skilled careers such as master tailoring and entrepreneurship. Gradutes will often open and run their own satellite units from which MasterG will commission client projects such as our 2022 block printed City Slip dresses. Women Fiber to Fashion Women Fiber to Fashion is an NGO stitching unit in Delhi employing survivors of human trafficking. They participate in skills training and find... More
About Us T-Island Cosmeticsis aiming to bring reliable, health and environment friendly organic and/or organic ingredients based skincare, haircare and household products at a reasonable price. We monitorthe International market for manufacturers using safe, ethical and environment-friendly ingredients and practicesto produce their goods. We research the brands and what is behind each ingredient. All our products are tested and certified by Dubai Municipality. We aim to deliverthese reliable products and make them affordable for everybody. At the moment we are pleased to introduce to UAE market two brands: "Organics Buddy" and "Tropicana Oil", both originated in Thailand and using only safe and organic ingredients.
Teori by Sowmya
About Us A Female-owned dream venture that celebrates the art of handmade jewelry. Teori, meaning "handwoven" in Japanese, is my passion project that combines my love for jewelry making with a desire to showcase the beauty of craftsmanship. Teori, brand name was a fitting expression of my creative work as well as the base material (glass beads) of my creations are of Japanese origin, world renowned for its uniform size, cut and clarity! As a jewelry addict, I appreciate the beauty of unique, handmade designs that can add a pop of color and style to any outfit. The limitless creative possibilities and the joy of seeing happy faces in my creations intrigued me into this journey. On a typical day, you will see me perched in my home studio working hard on some new jewelry designs & handcrafting each piece to perfection that will impress every time it is worn! What sets Teori apart !! Handcrafted one-of-a-kind statement jewelry that's made with care and attention to detail. From exclusive... More
The Ace Bag
Our Story ACE was created with the willingness to offer women a "sporty chic" and functional bag to carry throughout the day without compromising the environment.  From friends and our own personal experience, we found it difficult to find a perfect combo, a bag to wear from early gym sessions to professional meetings, from the office to after work gatherings, or just to pack the essentials for a weekend trip. So we decided to offer a practical response to this necessity and design our "ideal" bag, a stylish and timeless accessory to stay ultra organized and to keep up with our demanding lifestyles. Our first model - the "iconic" tote bag- was born. However, since fashion production and consumption have terrible environmental consequences, we decided that sustainable fashion was the right way, the only way, to set the basis of our new brand, with a conscience to inspire, engage and commit. This was a natural step for us, especially since we grew up in Sweden and... More
The Clean Touch
KNOW ABOUT US We are a DED Licensed Company in Dubai, and our products are all natural & organic, toxin free, chemical free and plant based. The Clean Touch as a brand is conscious towards the environment and our vision is to provide the power of healing through natural solutions. Our aim is to create for people a non-toxic environment and shift to a healthier and more natural lifestyle. All our products are hand-blended/handmade infused with pure essential oils and other organic ingredients to support the environment. When using our products, it not only helps support your body externally but internally & mentally too which contributes We started our brand in the beginning of 2021 with a mission to educate people more about having natural solutions to support themselves and their families. Our intention while creating the brand was to spread more awareness about essential oils and other natural products which are not only better for the environment but for oneself too.... More
The IDO Movement
About Us Created for movement, designed for life,  The Idō Movement  (pronounced " EE-doh ", meaning change, shift or motion in Japanese)  is a luxury activewear brand specializing in clothes that feel good on the body, complement your everyday activity, and are kind to the planet. Founded in 2020 by designer with a passion for dance Sandhya Lalloo-Morar, the brand was as a response to her busy lifestyle and the need for multi-tasking pieces that could be worn to a dance class and beyond, consciously. Technical yet tailored, The Idō Movement clothes are… Innovative The Idō Movement is a high-performance brand committed to delivering versatile and sophisticated pieces that reflect a modern lifestyle. Merging purpose-driven design with innovative, technical fabrics, we want you to feel confident, comfortable and elegant whether you are working out or relaxing at home.  The attention to detail behind all our products is what drives us forward, as well as the... More
The Lab Room
Who we are The Lab Room was created in Madrid by Monica Ceño in 2000 revolutionizing the concept of conventional beauty space an creating a multi-space for beauty and image that soon stood out as a reference point for innovative treatments and products. With an expertise that is certified with 22 years of tireless work in the world of cosmetics & spa The Lab Room is equals to  ”Beauty & Cosmetics for body and soul” OUR AWARDED BEAUTY COLLECTION In 2004 The Lab Room Beauty Collection was born, an exclusive, unisex, sophisticated, cosmopolitan and innovative cosmetic line, mainly as an alternative to mass cosmetics. Sensual and pure products, designed to satisfy and solve beauty needs with multifunctional products. Based on aromatherapy and botanical extracts, Spanish Mediterranean “joie de vivre ” , in an elegant and slightly retro packaging.
The Outspokn
What we do. We are a branding studio established in 2020, after years of helping brands with their image. Indeed, every company needs their own, unique identity. We make this happen with data, design and intelligent communication. We specialize in creative development and branding, turning your concept into a reality, for optimized exposure. We create, plan, measure and manage branding strategies for you! Who we are. We are a team of creatives that specialize in  branding  and  product design . Specialized in  visual aesthetics , we tell your story through the design of your brand. Being a  boutique agency , our team is agile, not afraid to  experiment  and adapt. We will work closely with you to tell your story while ensuring that the soul of your business reaches your audience.
About Us Started by two creatives, Treedog was born from a love for authentic style, music, travel and adventure.  Our mission is to create relaxed, unique clothing for all creative souls; chic, comfortable and season-less attire that can be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion. Our philosophy is good vibes only and we would love you to be part of our journey. Welcome to the Treehouse.
Utopia Designs
   Homes• That• Heal Modern Minimalistic Handwoven Baskets  
Veom Active
WHO WE ARE We are London-based creative environmentalists that love fashion but firmly believe in recycling, renovating and pure living. VEOM involves up-to-the-minute fabulously unique prints that are exciting and eye-catching. Our designs reflect our beliefs and what’s in-style too – a remarkable combination that really reflects the world we live in today. Much like you, we care about the environment and we have created ethically manufactured leggings and sport bras that combine functionality and comfort so you will love to wear them! There’s no compromise on style, performance or sustainability! The team behind VEOM had long been searching for the perfect pair of leggings, leggings with all the features they wanted. Some leggings looked great, uber-stylish and funky but they weren’t eco-friendly. Some leggings were excellent for performance-wear, breathable and odor-free but they didn’t inspire with fun prints or exciting designs. This left us with a dilemma. We had no leggings that... More
Vino Supraja
About Us Our founder, Vino Supraja, is an architect turned fashion designer. She is a very talented and all-around great person who has attracted several coveted industry awards, gaining widespread recognition from her peers in the fashion world. Since she graduated from IFA Paris in 2014, Vino’s couture designs have been seen on the runway at New York, Brooklyn, and Shanghai Fashion week with accolades from the audience and the press. More recently, in the UAE, she was awarded the Sustainable Fashion Runway Award by Fashion Revolution- a cause very close to her heart. Vino has a skilled eye for design. Her appreciation for her surroundings can be seen in the beautiful patterns she creates. As an open-minded, deep thinker, her inspiration comes not only from architecture and nature but also from culture and current events. We’re proud of Vino’s rise to success and creative vision, but what really shines is her commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. After her early achievements,... More
About Us Founded by Himanshi ad Mahima, Whakatō is an independent fashion label putting forward new solutions to existing problems. The fashion industry is a significant contributor to global air and water pollution, atrocious wastage, animal and human exploitation – and that’s just the tip of the unethical iceberg. We work on extracting fibers from unusual plants and make clothes with minimum impact on nature. Our current collection is made from Lotus Silk. Traditionally made for the head Buddhist monks, the fibers are extracted from the stems of lotus in Myanmar. Unlike cotton, there is minimal water usage in the whole extraction process since the stems contain moisture of their own post-harvest. The extracted fibers are then twisted and woven on handlooms in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, and the garments are designed and manufactured in the Himalayan foothills of Dharamshala.
From the beginning we knew that  WILD FABRIK will be more than a marketplace platform.  We knew that to make a change across many verticals was necessary for our purpose to be fulfilled.   It started from WILD FABRIK, helping small brands have a voice and representation on a reputable platform such as the one we set up, it evolved to Big collaborations with the likes of Emirates Nature WWF and many of our partners to raise awareness for the environment and how and why we are sustainable in the first place.  Hosting panels, getting schools involved, curating events, it was all necessary to get our message out there and get everyone involved along with us. It was only natural that we decided to collaborate with a brand that wanted to enter the sustainable space. Alana Bree, run by a wonderful woman named Rebecca, shared our vision of becoming more sustainable, becoming more conscious and helping our customers make better choices.  Thats where Wild Bree was born.. a shared love... More
WILD FABRIK is a female-lead, Dubai-founded sustainable e-commerce SME platform.  WILD FABRIK is the home of sustainability; where mindful consumers can connect with sustainable retailers and conscious brands across Beauty, Fashion, Home, Lifestyle and Kids. Offering environmentally friendly solutions that inspire a back-to-basics, more natural, and ethical way of living. WILD FABRIK provides global shipping in support for its brands, alongside other conservation efforts within the UAE. 
Wilde Bali
✨ Handmade in Bali I Based in Barcelona 
Yallah Bags
About us Yallah bags are handmade in Madagascar and personalized with your name uniquely written in Arabic. The bags are made by indigenous women in Madagascar and by purchasing these bags you are investing and empowering women. No two Yallah bags are created the same, allowing you to have a truly exceptional and exclusive bag. Each bag is adorned with a blue eye symbol representing: Karma and fate protection, calm, and open communication Our Founder Grace has straddled the cultures of Africa and Middle East for over 20 years and Yallah Bags is based on her love of the two collectives. In Yallah Bags we see a fusion of the vibrant heritage of Africa and Arabia blended in an aesthetically pleasing way.