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The Original BeeSeal is made from natural beeswax of New Zealand, sourced from Manuka trees in the Coromandel native forests. It is a complete natural product. It has no artificial color or fragrance. It has rich yellow color and the smell is same as that of honey! It contains no animal fact or silicone, turpentine synthetic dyes or any petroleum solvents.
StyleBath and Shower SustainabilityHandmade, Ethical Production, Sustainable Material
The Clean Touch Apply beard oil once per day Pour a few drops of essential oils into your hands Essential Oil Blends Take 1-2 drops in your palm and gentle massage on the beard Do a patch test before the application Avoid contact with eyes If any irritation occurs, apply any carrier oil
StyleSelf Care, Beard Oil SustainabilityCruelty Free, Handmade, Ethical Production
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A refreshing and balancing floral mist high in antioxidants. Helps slow aging and is used regularly to prevent premature wrinkles diminishes the pores and cleanses the skin. It is very beneficial to clean the skin.
StyleTonics, Face Care SustainabilityCruelty Free, Ethical Production
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The solution for weak, splitting nails, the delicate zone of the nail contour, and rough skin (heals, elbows, etc.). Revitalizing, regenerating, and soothing the skin. This is a basic, indispensable product.
StyleNail Treatment SustainabilityCruelty Free, Ethical Production
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The Clean Touch Helps to soothe your muscles Hydrate your skin Provide relief for aches and pains Reduce swelling Prevent bacteria from settling into blisters and cuts or under-toe nails
StyleSelf Care, Body Care SustainabilityCruelty Free, Handmade, Ethical Production
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Sesame oil-based daily nourishment for the scalp Contains pure essential oils for hair regrowth and reduced hair fall Non-greasy texture for comfortable application Includes a blend of rosemary, geranium, lavender, juniper, cypress, carrot, wheatgerm, and moringa oils Massage gently into the scalp for optimal results
StyleHair Oils SustainabilityCruelty Free, Organic
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Our 'Sleepy' bath salts are the dreamiest remedy at the end of a long day. The relaxing Epsom salts are 100% natural and will soothe away your aches and pains (that's the magnesium and other lovely minerals). They are beautifully handmade in Scotland?with dried lavender. French lavender helps induce relaxation and prepare the body and mind to sleep. The scent also balances the fresh floral tones of rose geranium, an essential oil used to calm, and the woody notes of frankincense, an oil used in meditation and yoga to still the mind and support breathwork. 500g | handmade in Scotland | vegan | no synthetic nasties
StyleBath & Shower, Bath Salts SustainabilityCruelty Free, Organic, Handmade

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