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Sustainable Travel


Travel, we all do it; find out how can you travel more sustainably. 

How to: Travel Sustainably in 7 Easy Ways

You know sustainability is on the rise when adds a travel sustainable badge on their site! We covered 7 summer destinations you can't miss in our recent blog, but not what it means to travel sustainably! Worldwide now there are many countries and cities that are doing their best to keep tourism healthy and eco-friendly. It's a...

7 Sustainable destinations you can't miss this summer!

Sustainability has been top of mind for many in recent years. A lot of countries have been making an effort to reduce their carbon footprint and become sustainable destinations for residents and tourists alike. Tourism drives the economy of a lot of different countries around the world, so it's not something that can stop at the drop of a hat. And...

Sustainable Travel: 7 steps to make your journey a little sweeter

Travel is back on the table! It's been a while for many of us. Between government restrictions and quarantine requirements, this summer might be our first time doing some travel, especially overseas. [Does that not feel bizarre?] While jumping on a plane or taking a long car trip isn't necessarily sustainable, the escape of going somewhere and trying...

Travel is BACK: The Modern Way to Pack

So, here’s the thing. We all love a great holiday and for the past eighteen months we have made do with a combination of park picnics, garden living and staycations with little need to address packing a bag.  With travel horizons opening up again, those of us born with the packing gene are raring to go and others of us (

Agritourism — Where Travel Meets Sustainable!

Agritourism is something you have most likely never heard of, but you may have experienced nevertheless! Whether it’s feeding the animals at your local farm, taking a boat tour down the river, or even dancing the night away in a barn at your local harvest festival, agritourism is all about going back to basics and the joys of the simple life. With...